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Base is a very important part of the makeup process and largely affects the whole appearance of the makeup.
Considerable summer temperature differences caused by UV rays and air conditioning lead to weariness of the skin that accumulates in autumn,
which is said to be the period of the year when the skin is dullest.

In such a season, please make sure to choose a base makeup
which will balance the level of moisture and oil on your skin and adjust the skin cycle.
Say goodbye to dullness and dryness for dewy and smooth skin.

Base MakeupBase Makeup


naturaglacé Skin Balancing Base

Primer with skincare concept

With a perfect balance of moisture and oil level on the surface of the skin,
it allows for a smooth and long-lasting makeup application.

Makeup Base
In One Color / SPF31 PA++ / Volume: 25 ml

  • Washes off with soap
  • Blocks blue light

¥3,200 + tax

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Silky Smooth Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation
for a dewy feel and smooth skin

Foundation is lightweight and has the power
to cover bumps, pores, and uneven skin tones.

In Six Colors / SPF40 PA+++ / Volume: 20 ml

  • Washes off with soap
  • Blocks blue light

¥3,800 + tax

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naturaglacé Pressed Powder

Powder for maintaining pure look

The refined powder balances the level of moisture and oil for smooth and silky skin.
*A compact-type for touch-ups on the way

Face Powder
In Two Colors / SPF30 PA+++ / Volume: 12 g

  • Washes off with soap
  • Blocks blue light

¥3,800 + tax

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How toHow to

Autumn Base Makeup

  • STEP1 skin balancing base
  • STEP2 silky smooth liquid foundation
  • STEP3 pressed powder

Point MakeupPoint Makeup

[ Autumn Point Makeup Recommendations ]

Add a feminine glow and contour to your regular makeup!

[ Eye Color ]
Use Solid Eye Color in Violet as a base for a subtle change of
your regular eye makeup! For a gentle, pure look!

Solid Eye Color

01 Violet

¥2,800 + tax

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Eye Color Palette

05 Brown Beige

¥3,600 + tax

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[ Cheek ]
Sophisticated look with a rosy cheek

Cheek Blush

02 Rose

¥3,600 + tax

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[ Rouge ]
Warm and calm look with a glossy lip in deep beige

Liquid Rouge

02 Pink Beige

¥3,000 + tax

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